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Vending Machine

ElonBurger Vending Machine 🍔🍟

Dispenses you a tasty ElonBurger Happy Meal.

1 x ElonBurger NFT and 10,000,000 x ElonFries (EFRY) for just 0.00055 eth ($1).

Connect Wallet to Start!

IMPORTANT: Metamask may estimate $20 gas for the transaction, it will cost approx $1 in gas plus $1 fee.
See FAQ below for more.


This experiment has been built by Two Guys One Cat.

We believe in $1 NFT's, making things & crypto fun!

When the ElonBurger Happy Meal sells out (when all 1000 Elonburger NFT's sold), we will probs do three things:

  • Drop the Eth from ElonBurger Sales into liquidity for ElonFries on an Exchange
  • Build out ElonBurger NFT holders benefits
  • Build out ElonFries staking

...And that may just be the beginning.


Two Guys One Cat 🫡

two guys, one cat


Want to see the ElonBurger Vending Machine in Action? Watch it dispense now!